Revitalization and Lower Prices at Lott Furniture Company

Revitalization and Lower Prices at Lott Furniture Company

Revitalization and Lower Prices at Lott Furniture Company! We are thrilled to announce that the Lott Furniture Company website has been completely revitalized, providing our guests an enhanced browsing and shopping experience. Our website is now up-to-date with current prices, ensuring that you have access to the most accurate and competitive deals in town. Prices […]

1980’s in Comparison to Today’s Furniture

1980's in Comparison to Today's Furniture

-1980’s in Comparison to Today’s Furniture- The 1980s were a time of bold colors, geometric shapes, and loud patterns in the world of home decor. Living rooms often featured bright red or green carpeting, patterned wallpaper, and oversized floral prints on furniture. Sofas and chairs were large and bulky, designed for comfort rather than style. […]

Better Sleep Starts with the Right Mattress

Better Sleep Starts with the Right Mattress

Better Sleep Starts with the Right Mattress: Why Lott Furniture Company is Your Go-To Store Do you find yourself tossing and turning at night, unable to get a good night’s rest? It might be time to invest in a new mattress. After all, your mattress is the foundation of your sleep, and choosing one that […]


We are all tired. Right? Tired of waiting.  COVID impacted many areas of operation in our country. Who remembers the day when you could walk into the furniture store’s around, pick out what you wanted, and have it in your house within 7 days? Do you miss those days?! If you have been shopping then […]

Shop Online and Pay Later

We are new to the online furniture business, but that isn’t stopping us from stepping up to the plate! We have had our store front since 1941 and offer multiple financing options in store. However, We are excited to tell you that we now offer Klarna and Progressive Leasing on our website! How does this […]

Brands We Carry


So many have asked what brands we carry at Lott Furniture Company in McComb. Don’t see the brand you’re looking for? Message us on here or give us a call (601)684-4551. Austin Avalon Albany Magnolia Upholstery Designs Bernards Behold Home Best Home Furnishings Blue Mountain Brooks Furniture Catnapper/Jackson Furniture Collums Elements International Flex steel Franklin […]

Unique Christmas Gifts

Hello 🙂 I am Cairey Beth,Manager of Lott Furniture Company’s Website, Marketing, and Social Media.The question pops in your head every year. What do I buy for “so and so”. Am I right? or am I right? We all have that person we just do not know what to buy for them. So, here is […]

Tips to Help You Find the Best Furniture Store

best furniture stores

It’s been said that a home is a place where you let your hair down and relax. It’s the one place where you are in complete control of what happens, from the decor to the arrangement. But, one thing that can really make or break how a home looks is the furniture you have. It […]

Why Local Furniture Stores Have More Treasures Than Big Box Stores

Of all of the upsides of owning a home, decorating it is probably the most fun. The only thing better than finding the perfect piece of furniture is actually using it, whether that’s to read, watch TV, or simply watch the sunset. There are many places to buy furniture these days, from massive big-box retail […]

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