Caesar Fabric Recliner

by Franklin Furniture


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When it comes to comfort, size matters. The 9534 Caesar Recliner measures 49 inches in height, with a 24-inch seat width, and fully reclines to the length of a king-sized bed. The seating surface of the Everest is designed for maximum comfort, made possible by re-engineering and extending our signature Mark Thomas Ultra-Arch across a larger metal seat box, creating the “sweet spot” effect over the entire seat. This recliner also features 5-inch thick WOW foam seating, topped with 2 inches of our Copperfuse foam. The Caesar Recliner can be found at Lott Furniture Company in McComb, Ms.

44.5″w × 44.5″d × 48.5″h

  • Titan oversized rocker recliner
  • 100% WOW gel-blended foam seating
  • Fully reclines to the length of a king-sized bed
  • Extended easy-release handle
  • Copper-infused gel seating
  • 500 lbs weight capacity
  • 100% Polyester | CC: W
  • Made in the USA of domestic and imported materials
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