Of all of the upsides of owning a home, decorating it is probably the most fun. The only thing better than finding the perfect piece of furniture is actually using it, whether that’s to read, watch TV, or simply watch the sunset.

There are many places to buy furniture these days, from massive big-box retail stores to online marketplaces. But your local furniture store has the expertise you need and friendly service to go with it. Here are just some of the benefits of skipping the big-box stores in favor of your locally-owned furniture store.

They Have a Great Selection

You may think that because local furniture stores are small, they won’t have a selection that will fit your budget or tastes. Since most local furniture stores have been in business for decades, they are almost guaranteed to have a wide selection of furniture to suit your style. In fact, they often tend to have unique items that are unavailable anywhere else. Sometimes, they even work with local artisans to get pieces that are one-of-a-kind for their shop only.

Artisans Flock to Them

It’s both more difficult and easier than ever to be an artisan furniture maker these days. On the one hand, the internet and connectivity make it easier than ever to find buyers for unique pieces. On the other hand, many stores well mass-produced products that artisans used to make by hand. The exception to this rule is local furniture stores, where artisans are often welcomed and embraced by the owners to sell their wares. It is truly a win-win situation, with the artisan getting their product showcased and the business owners able to sell amazing products to their customers.

Durable Goods Means a Great Return Policy

When you have a local business, you’re dependent on the community to support you. This often translates into having a great return policy. Unlike big-box stores, if there’s ever an issue with your furniture, you have the benefit of being able to speak to the owner and get the details hammered out. They certainly don’t want to lose your business or upset you in any way and will work with you to make things better. It’s simply one of the benefits of doing business locally with those in your community.

Going Local Means Getting Quality and Kindness

Local furniture stores are worth patronizing. Not only do they have unique items that you won’t be able to find anywhere else, but the level of service is almost unparalleled. Instead of having to navigate dozens of aisles at a warehouse or big box store, you can browse the wares in your local store, perhaps with the advice of the owner or trusted salesperson. It probably won’t be too difficult to find something that you’ll love to have in your home for many years to come.