Mable Lift Chair- Aldrich Slate

by Franklin Furniture


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Mable Lift Chair- Aldrich Slate, Designed with comfort and functionality in mind, this power lift recliner features a two-way, non-chaise lift and reclines, holding up to 350 lbs. Deep, plush chenille upholstery and Copperfuse foam seating provide unparalleled comfort. This lift recliner comes standard with a battery backup.

  • 2-way non-chaise lift & recline
  • Holds up to 350 lbs
  • Copper-infused gel seating
  • 100% WOW gel-blended foam seating
  • Easy to operate wand
  • Battery backup
  • 100% Polyester | CC: WS
  • Made in the USA of domestic and imported materials
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